Thursday, January 07, 2010

Blood Sport

7.61 miles in 60 minutes (treadmill) and 175.2 pounds

Last night I went to Emily's house and hung out with her, Dave and Elena. While the general purpose of the night was to see Emily and Dave's awesome new house, it was a transparent excuse for me to dominate at ping pong. Other than running, I have spent more time playing ping pong than any other sport, although that is mostly from childhood when I used to play my dad every night after dinner. I have also been passing down the skills from this most intellectual of sports to Ben and Sam during our weekends at the Holiday Inn which has helped me rebuild and rediscover my game.

I was definitely on last night, and skillfully played the role of the guy at the party who takes the geeky sport a little too seriously, and crosses the line between admirable to weird.. It confirmed my conviction that if I had to pick a blood sport, a physical activity in which to play to save my life, it would definitely be ping pong. This doesn't mean that I consider ping pong to be the sport at which I am the best. It means that, if forced to play a random person off the street in a match for the prize of life, ping pong would be my best shot. I am good at endurance sports and I have a decent maximum bench press but a lot of people focus on these relatively mainstream activities. However, ping pong is kind of fringe. More people play beer pong than regular pong.

So I will keep nailing the daily workouts but when I am at the gates of purgatory, I'm whipping out my racket and we are going two out of three to determine my place in eternity.

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