Saturday, February 12, 2005

Today's deliberations promise to be intense and controversial.

1) To Treo or not to Treo. This is of course the marriage of a Palm, camera, phone and computer. The pluses - it's easy to check email (a total pacifier for ADD symptoms), I can avoid lugging my computer on trips, and chics dig it. The minuses - as someone who is prone to lose wallet and phone and sunglass size objects, am I basically throwing my money away for a short term buzz? Also, maybe the wrong type chics dig them.

2) 8 or 10 mile run this morning? Love the 8 mile run but I have to start doing more to get ready for Wildflower (

3) How much time do I spend trying to figure out how to upload photos onto my blog? If I place photos on it but noone comes to the site, did I really accomplish anything?

4) Who is more admirable ; the shark for its constant movement or the triathlete?