Sunday, March 06, 2005

It is going to be one of those days in which I fully appreciate living in California. 70 degrees and sunny, and I am going for a 50 mile bike ride in Marin. While I love New York and the East Coast, even when you have a perfect day, it is impossible to get out of the city in 20 minutes for some outdoor fun. And 8 laps around Central Park, while great, doesn't cut it all the time. I still think ultimately I will end up in San Diego or Boulder. Time to start working on the plan to make that happen.

For some reason, even though I worship Lance, it has never been about the bike for me. Given my oft-discussed problems with the long term focus, I get bored when exercise exceeds one hour in duration. I am not sure how to remedy this issue - riding with other people helps a lot but I have to learn to love the solo efforts.

Which leads me to my third point. Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes is a must read.