Monday, January 04, 2010

The FitBut

179.6 pounds
Weight lifting workout in the a.m.
45 minute Life Fitness Cycle - 577 calories at Planet Fitness

Part of the allure of exercise is that it feeds my Rainman obsession with number. I meticulously track each workout and record miles biked or ridden in not just once but multiple online and paper-based systems. It harkens back to my early fascination with bowling where the score was more interesting than the actual activity. I've only increased the fuel for the fire recently by buying a scale to add yet another statistic to track.

As if that weren't enough, I am seriously thinking of getting the FitBit, a new gadget to monitor and measure sleep patterns, calories burned, etc. This level of tracking might require a three dimensional spread sheet on Google Docs which could take my level of analness to entirely new level.

One side issue to the scale is that the correlation between weight and exercise seems unrelated. My weight fluctuates between 175 and 179 pounds and the amount I work out in the preceding day seems to have no effect on the number. It could just be related to how many grains of creatine I had that day.