Saturday, January 09, 2010

Comfort Zones

177.8 pounds

48 mile Paradise Loop Ride in a.m.

Frangie CrossFit WOD in 14 min 10 sec
Rounds of 21, 15, 9, 6, 3 for time of thrusters, pullups, pushups, air squats and situps

One of my exercise goals was to get to the point that I could do a decent workout everyday, but get in such good shape that it wouldn't really hurt. I'd push myself enough initially so I wouldn't have to push myself in the long run. Benching 200 pounds 10 times would seem easy and the seven-to-eight mile run would seem like two. After 12 years of basically uninterrupted workouts, I am at that point. I don't think the workouts are easy but I don't have the nervousness going into a workout that it will be super hard and there is no doubt as to whether I'll complete it. I know pretty much to the second how far I'll run and how many times I'll squat 122 pounds.

There is comfort in this approach. I'm keeping myself in decent shape and I'm relatively serene, but it really isn't taking my mind anywhere. After 29 years of exercise, I'm finally to the point where I'm ready to fully admit that it's my passion and hobby, and status quo isn't the way you should ever describe your passion. I say it all the time, and I have written it here countless times, but it really is time to get out of my comfort zone and start pushing myself.

So that's the general plan. I love my balance between lifting and endurance sports so I am not going to be branching too far from that gravitational pull. The idea is to start shocking the mind and body by walking out on the limb a little and do things like Levi's Grand Fondo and other 100 mile rides. Long rides definitely take me out of my mental comfort zone because it forces me to think for five hours with no Blackberry distractions.

Today is an example of what I am talking about. Weekends usually call for an 8 mile run but not today. I'm about to head out for a 45 mile ride, my longest in about three years, followed by a Cross Fit workout at Borders Gym. And to complete the triathlon, the third event will be remaining awake beyond 10:00 p.m. tonight to try and add an actual life to the back half of all these workouts. That could be the biggest challenge.