Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The first top ten list

Top ten movies of all the time.

1. Top Gun - so good that Kelly McGillis could not ruin it. Should be number one on everyone's list.
2. Point Break - Totally. Reeves and Swayze at their best. Like Rich Aurillia's 2001 season.
3. Field of Dreams - I defy any man not to cry after "Dad, do you wanna have a catch?"
4. Swingers - The most quotable movie ever.
5. Brothers McMullen - More raw and pure than She's The One.
6. She's The One - 2nd most quotable movie ever.
7. A Few Good Men - By law, Kevin Bacon must be in a movie in the top 10.
8. Dirty Dancing - I have more than enough macho movies to justify a) a chic flic; and b) two Patrick Swayze vehicles in the top 10. Most inspirational concluding dance to any movie ever.
9. Good Will Hunting - Very eerie how I am as smart and tough as Will. As if it is based on my life.
10. Contact - Best cinematic discussion of science versus religion ever.