Saturday, January 28, 2006

2006 Goals

So here we are, one month into the new year, presumably a good time to start assessing how I am meeting my New Year's goals . However, my issue is less with am I meeting them but rather do the goals have much meaning.

Without going into the specifics of the goals, let's just say that they are the typical achievement-based ones sprinkled in with a few touchy-feely relationship goals. The ones based on achievement are relatively easy to attain or measure. If it is to save money, finish a race or travel somewhere, it is basically a black or white, on or off result. You either save or don't save the money, train for and finish the Ironman or don't, and buy or don't buy the tickets to Vietnam. These can be good goals; challenging yourself, planning for the future or going to new and exciting places makes your life more interesting and fulfilling.

However, it is the relationship (I mean all, not just with a significant other) goals, that are the more important, and tougher resolutions. I have been typecast as somewhat (understandably a vague modifier) aloof and distant, which, admittedly is true. No need to digress into a lot of psychobabble but this is not a state in which I wish to continue, but the steps or goals to exit this territory are not as easy as running 5 miles a day, or eating out once a week. Changing emotional patterns is not that simple or straight forward and cannot be measured like body fat or savings plans.

No I am not stupid. I understand how you go about evolving or getting a better hand on your emotions. It is just that for someone who tends to measure things on spreadsheets, it will be an interesting process. Not a journey or chapter, because I cannot stand those cliches.

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