Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stop Coasting

I don't want to be a coaster. On paper, I don't look like one. I have a good job, I work out every day, I am a responsible father but I don't push myself. For example, my goal with exercise was to get to a point where I could do a respectable workout without killing myself. I lift generally the same amount of weight that I did 10 years ago and run the same eight mile route at the same pace. This isn't disgraceful but it certainly isn't something I want on my tombstone.

I need to get out of my comfort zone, in endurance sports, work and relationships. I am generally a happy person but there could be more if I pushed myself. If I ask myself what have I done recently that am I really proud, answers don't come flying off the page.

So I need to set goals, big ones. I'll start with endurance sports which seems like the easiest list to craft. By the end of 2009 I want to:

  1. Sign up and do the Death Ride, a 100+ mile bike ride in Tahoe
  2. Be more flexible - stretch twice a day - come within the same area code as my toes
  3. Get sponsored by someone
  4. Run three marathons AND qualify for Boston in 2010 - this means sub 3.20
  5. Sign up for a 2010 Ironman where I will break 12 hours
  6. Join Masters swim program and stop drowning
It starts today.

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