Friday, March 17, 2006

My 15 minutes begins...

A proud moment…my first ever radio interview on!. It is not the most exciting but you can hear the potential. I clearly need to build a more interesting public person but if I can then other opportunities await such as…

The Wall Street Journal Face Sketch. Who hasn’t dreamt of having their head drawn by a Wall Street Journal cartoonist/etcher? Plus if it does happen, I must have done something involving lots of dough.

Tabloid Magazine. There are lots of options here, from being linked to Brittany, Mariah or Keanu, to scientists discovering a potato that looks like my head.

The Simpsons. Serena Williams, Simon Cowell, Daryl Strawberry (the best Simpson scene ever – Bart chanting "Daryl, Daryl" from the rightfield bleachers) and Troy Aikman have all done voice overs; why not moi.

Oprah and Dr. Phil. In a few months, the fame from this interview and others will go to my ahead. The late nights, the crack addiction, the decent into the abyss will follow after which I will need the love of Oprah and the healing powers of Philby.

Surreal World. After the rise and fall, I will need to mount a comeback and will not be too proud to walk in Trishelle, Vanilla Ice and Charo’s footsteps.

I am ready for the voyage.

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