Monday, June 06, 2005

What is my hobby?

I have been caught in a mental struggle to determine if I need a new hobby in order to feel like I am leading a full life. While I would describe exercise as a passion, would I be limiting myself if I also labeled it as my principal hobby? To be a renaissance man don’t I need to learn a language, write a short story or weld large pieces of metal into interesting shapes?

While I do get a lot of fulfillment from running, biking, skiing, swimming, etc., I fear becoming or being one of those singularly focused people who can only talk about their VO2 max, favorite break or ideal powder day. These people bore me in the same way ultra-religious people do; it’s OK to know your source, just keep it to yourself.

My potential hobbies; I do love to read, watch movies, critique characters on reality TV shows, travel, etc. However, I don’t think these count as hobbies.

So try this on for size. My favorite activities are those in which I am lost in the moment and don’t have time to contemplate my navel and the meaning of life. A great book or article, Landon’s latest bout with CT on Inferno2, my pending Escape from the Rock triathlon, hanging out with Ben and Sam, shagging flyballs on a baseball field. These are all activities that prohibit meaning of life thoughts yet define the meaning of life.

So, at the risk of sounding asinine, my hobby is not thinking.

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